Transhumanism – The starting of Franken-Scientists’ era

Being the dominant species on Earth, humans have gained control over almost everything that one can imagine. Everything that is not human is dominated by humans but humans’ control over humans is yet unachieved. In order to give this thought a boost, a new technological impact has become a highlight since the emergence of genetic engineering. With genetic engineering, man has made much progress in the field of science, many new discoveries, new scientific breakthroughs regarding genomes had involved this technique, this technique allowed man to manipulate natural genetic makeup of bacteria, viruses, fungi to plants and animals. This technique has allowed addition and deletion of genes according to desire. Now this technique is being implemented on humans.

Transhumans will be the humans with altered genetic makeup; they would have improved and upgraded abilities of mental, physical and psychic nature. Transhumans will be the products of combined efforts of genetic engineering, nanotechnology, neural science, biotechnology, mechanical and electrical engineering and computing etc. Their memories and thoughts all would be computed and controlled electronically using cerebral nano-chips and devices. As said by many transhumanist scientists, “these humans will be immortal as the problems and causes of aging and diseases will be overcome to control the death process through computers and engineering techniques as desired.”

We are living in the era of science where this practice of transhuman development is going on and has entered in its completion phase. Two years ago, in 2014, the USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the production of genetically modified babies. These babies will be with low risk of diseases. This project involves the removal of nuclear material from a healthy egg cell or embryo of a female followed by insertions of this nuclear material into a donor egg cell whose own nuclear material has been removed. Actually, the goal of scientists here is to splice and recombine the human genome in order to give new and improved abilities that will overcome humans’ natural limitations, and this is beyond one’s imagination. Such Franken-scientists who are trying to play God have forgotten their own reality of existence.

This ongoing transhumans project is not new; work on this project started after the success in genome engineering techniques. This project of creation of super-humans would go on until and unless success is achieved. One may think of these super-humans as they would dominate the natural human beings and this planet. This thought is actually true to some extent because humans with increased mental power, upgraded body strength, with extraordinary skills and traits from different species would seem to dominate the natural beings. I must put this new act of science in my own words like this “God creates World, God creates man, Man becomes dominant, Man creates plants, Man creates animals, and at the last but not the least, Man creates Man, Man becomes God.”

For those who are of fragile beliefs and faiths, always keep it in mind that history of mankind shows that whoever tried and claimed to play God, their end was really horrible and breathtaking, actually not worth visualizing. As phrased by one of my friends once, “If you try to manipulate nature, nature will always fight back and tries to revert to its originality and as a result, it’s humans who will face the consequences.” Now it’s your choice whether to face the consequences or die old with good memories and warmth in your bed.

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  1. Ahmad says

    Is it right to do these manipullations in human beings???

    1. Jazib says

      that’s why i have tried to reveal this transhuman project to let the people know that what’s coming in the future.

      1. Brandon Smith says

        What’s wrong with being unnatural besides it being scary of frankstienish. I would love to become transhuman. I’m kinda already unnatural and transhuman just like you are why don’t you want to become transhuman dude it would be hell of a lot better than to die and grow old with a sh*t town of disease are you like not in touch with how (mess)ed up nature is where just experiments of nature anyways how do you think I got here I’m a series of frankstien mutations Im a mutated fish that came from the ocean you know evolution we are transitional beings we are transhuman means transitional humans what is wrong with that I’m a frankstien experiment of nature don’t you understand what you are

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  3. Khannea says

    This is yet another of those silly analysis we have seen so much before. If we listened to people like this we wouldn’t have trains, planes, electricity, cars, indoor plumbing. The author is just another someone with a degree in nay-saying.

    “Transhumanism” is just a name for something that has been happening for a long time. Transhumanists are little more than avid cheerleaders for more progress, and to ignore vague evocative terms such as “god’ (whatever that is) or “nature” (which is essentially little else than one giant catastrophic mess with no purpose or plan). This progress is coming – there is simply too much profit an benefit in it.

    1. Brandon Smith says

      This guy doesn’t understand what he is. I’m glade you get it it’s really hard to explain this stuff to people for some reason. I try my best, but damn people are just so closed mind and afraid of transhumanism like we been doing this forever people nothing new here just a different word to describe what we been doing since we where human

      1. Jazib says

        ok mr. you’re transhuman or not, i do not know about u people, because all of u who favor this transitional thing are already test subjects of some secret ongoing experiments, let’s just say from Area 51, i shouldn’t have said secret, my bad, ok another thing is that, for misinformed people like yourself, let me inform you that Evolution and transhumanism are two different things with far beyond dissimilarities, Evolution was the result of nature’s adaptation to changing atmospheric conditions, because if u do not wear jackets in Antarctica then you are gonna freeze to death for sure, u adapt to survive, another thing is that the transhumans are way beyond your enclosed thinking and will always be opposed.

        1. brandon says

          nature doesn’t always know best you can just open a book there are entire library’s on human diseases, deformities and sickness people have been battling and struggling against nature from the start even the elements can be a threat to us so people having more control over how we evolve and change over time is not evil and is not against god it is compassionate and there for is good and for the good of all the goal is not to work against nature but to understand it and move along side it to cultivate it and enhance it not just for human benefit but for the benefit and good of all in my opinion we should support this kind of advancement however your opinions so far have been up tight and rigid and in your argument the claims that you’ve made there are alot of personal attacks and this suggests your not open to discussion or being reasonable you are just acting scared and defensive and pretending you know more and whats best for everyone else a perfect example of this kind of judgment can be seen when you state in your argument “you people” in my defense we the people that support transhumanism support using science and technology to elevate the human condition away from suffering and the harshness of nature.

  4. Jazib says

    ok… i was not being harsh… but when do nature started to oppose humans and became harsh for their survival, ok let me just say for instance what if your loved ones got such type of transhuman modifications, with their limbs replaced with bionic limbs, their arms with bionic arms, they would do only what they will be programmed to do, what if u hug your loved ones and feel stainless steel attached to u instead of flesh, what would you do if somehow this system of self-induced thoughts would get replaced with some anti-natural human thoughts, what if instead of being free, the minds of people remain only in some hands… would you prefer artificial snow being used in America to fight global warming to be the source of drinking water when there will be not enough water to drink on this planet. I do not claim myself to be full of knowledge and know everything, i still need to know more, the opposing of this phenomenon is just to consider what is right or what is wrong and what do our offsprings would have to go through in the future. Respect this nature, it will give you more than you will ever know, what has science given to this planet so far is also not the thing to be ignored, both nature and science must go hand-in-hand without violating any of the two.

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