How Pakistan’s forces succeeding in stabilising Balochistan

I’m on #NavyKaMahaaz today in Balochistan and today we’re discussing how Pakistan’s forces are succeeding in stabilising Balochistan. Navy’s role is extremely important, in fact vital, in the stability of Balochistan because it controls Gwadar. Besides, there is the all-important China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which Pakistan army is patrolling.

We’re going to discuss in our program how our forces are looking at it, especially considering the positions of Iran and India on our borders and the instability that surrounds Afghanistan.

Watch the video now:

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  1. baber ali says


  2. ali says

    i love your show “mahaaz” on dunia tv.
    i have a request for you to do a program “K2 ka mahaaz”.
    visit base camp of k2 and other peaks in the area to interview and film Climbing teams.This year about 224 (112 for k2) permits were issued by our gov’’ll find lots of people there.our news channels should regularly report about weather conditions and climbers progress on these peaks.we need good news on tv.

  3. Ajay Tyagi says

    Good to see a view from the eyes of a men from real world

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