West Indies: The Champions of World T20

Never in my life, I had ever thought of cheering up for any team other than Pakistan but there was something different about lively and earthy West Indies and as World T20 2016 comes to an end with Windies victory, all the moments of their joyous celebrations on ground have become an unforgettable history.

The famous “Champions song” of Dwayne Bravo has already smashed records. The lyrics of this song played an important role in uniting the team and the moment the Windies player smashed that six against India and saved a berth in final, the commentator was shouting and repeating that the West Indies is not a one-man-team and to quote the words of Captain David Sammy, he said,

“People said it’s a one-man-team. I said we have fifteen match-winners. Chris has not turned up with the runs yet we keep winning convincingly. That shows we are not a one-man team.”

Winning and losing is a part of game but what’s important is the way the team plays. While playing, West Indies squad appeared fearless and brave. Their defeat to Afghanistan was shocking but the way Chris Gayle danced happily with Afghan team not only showed great sportsman spirit but also manifested the moral superiority of the Windies.

Brathwaite heroics and Samuels’ show of nerves in the final are all history now. They not only succeeded in driving their team to glory but they have also taught me a great lesson of life. West Indies needed 19 off the final over. There was tension and there was uncertainty and sitting in front of my television screen, I was nervous and confused but Brathwaite didn’t lose hope.

That last over showed how strong nerves are required of a player in crucial moments. For while smashing four consecutive sixes’ to experience death-over bowler Ben Stokes, Brathwaite never appeared defeated.

The final of WorldT20 was such a rollercoaster ride that in those moments of the game, I experienced hundreds of mixed emotions. Nonetheless, I’m thankful to West Indies for putting up such a great effort and like millions of spectators, I loved watching them dancing on field.

Dear West Indies, thank you so much for teaching me a great lesson of life, for in the midst of all the difficulties you remained committed and watching you dance on the field brought smiles on many faces.

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