Modi understands modern warfare better than our PM

In recent nuclear summit organised by the United States as a part of Obama’s policy to make this world free from the nuclear weapons, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech was marvelous. A point in PM Modi’s speech that caught my attention was;

“We are no longer looking for a man in cave but  we are hunting for a terrorist in a city with computer or smartphone.”

and this is very true. Cyber wars are not the future but present now. It’s been a decade since we are fighting these wars. Cyber criminals are not just the part of fiction movies and stories anymore. They are real life criminals now. A timeline of most prominent Cyber Crimes in Pakistan is as follows:

  • 2011: A group named “zoombi_KSA” hacked the website of Supreme Court of Pakistan and threatened the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) to execute more such attacks or PTA have to ban the objectionable sites in Pakistan.
  • 2012: A group of Bangladeshi hackers defaced the website of Punjab Assembly of Pakistan as a response to hack of Bangladeshi websites by Pakistani hackers. They further demanded the action against the Pakistani hackers involved in the Hacking of Bangladeshi Websites.
  • 2013: It was the worst year for the Pakistan in terms of Cyber Security when more than half dozen of banks got hacked leaving similar digital footprints. This list includes NADRA e-Sahulat, Allied Bank, MCB Bank, Habib Bank, Soneri Bank, Burj Bank and Tameer Bank. Hackers leaked the huge databases of users’ financial details also.
  • 2014: NADRA hosting the most critical database of the country faced repeated state-sponsored attacks from America, India and Israel. According to an official of the NADRA, most of the attacks were from America and rest from India and Israel.

I was the part of Cyber Secure Pakistan 2014 – a forum where first time we discussed the legislation of cyber crimes in Pakistan but we were very disappointed on third day when we came to know that the law proposed by the government was the rejected copy of Indian Cyber Law draft.

On the other hand, India founded the ICERT (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) 12 years ago but we still don’t have it. Indians have done marvellous work in the field of Information Technology. CEOs of two of the biggest tech giants, Microsoft and Google, are Indians. PM Modi further said,

“Terror has evolved, terrorists are now using 21st century technology, however, the world response is still rooted in the past.”

The above statement of PM Modi is actually our condition now and we have to look into this matter before it’s too late.

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