Microsoft Trolls Google, Alphabet with

In a hilarious turn of events on the launch of Alphabet, now the parent company of Google, Microsoft has trolled Alphabet’s domain:

Microsoft has (according to unconfirmed reports) registered domains resembling closely to the newly launched Alphabet site:

The sites redirect the users to Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, as the pun intended names were noticed by the internet community recently.

Alphabet has already been trolled by the similar naming troll domain by Microsoft and China’s ban on the Alphabet site over censorship issues when it was less than a day old.

The screenshots attached verify that the IP location (highlighted in red) of and ASN indeed belong to the Redmond-based Microsoft.

Microsoft trolls Google, whois screenshot Screenshot of IPs from whois

What will be the future of the .xyz domains registered by the Microsoft is unknown so far. Microsoft has not commented on the matter.

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